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Posted on 03/04/2017.

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Posted on 03/01/2017.

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Posted on 03/01/2017.


Welcome to the Australasian Health and Research Data Managerís Association (AHRDMA) website. AHRDMA is an association of health researchers, research nurses, study coordinators and data managers representing a diverse range of professional backgrounds, working across the spectrum of medical research disciplines in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

AHRDMA aims to foster and promote health research and data management by providing a number of professional development opportunities and educational activities and resource materials. These include an Annual Scientific Meeting, Professional Development Grants and Scholarships, Travel Grants, Newsletter, Educational Resource Information, Special Interest Groups, active Regional Groups in each state and strong links with other local and international professional organisations.

The New Age of Clinical Trials: Registries & Biomarkers

The Australasian Health and Research Data Managersí Association (AHRDMA) is hosting an Annual Scientific Meeting in collaboration with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. The event will promote current research on pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer and the colorectal registry utilised in clinical trials. Attendance will attract RACS CPD points. More information is available here.

Advocate Educate Connect Mentor

The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) is the first trade association established to represent the global clinical research sites, providing the sites a voice and a community focused on greater site sustainability. The Society for Clinical Research Sites offers unprecedented access to the professional community. †Discover some of the many benefits and features at myscrs.org that will be made available to all membersí employees.

Companies that sponsor or support the work conducted at the clinical research sites will benefit from membership as well. Their membership demonstrates a commitment to building a stronger site partnership, recognizing the importance of the siteís voice, and providing their company with intellectual capital to best position their companies for success.

Increasing Recruitment to Clinical Trials

AHRDMA is proud to be a supporter of ClinTrial Refer and their solutions implemented to bridged the critical gap in clinical research, facilitating better knowledge management, and allowing more equitable access to clinical trials. Free to download from the App stores, ClinTrial Refer Apps deliver current information from multiple sites acting as one team, to all clinicians involved, including location details. †

Clinicians†have the ability to sit in front of a patient, review their phone or tablet, and explain all of the options to the patient, including the choice of referral to another hospital offering a clinical trial. Alternatively patients now have access to clinical trial locations and details vetted by the clinicians that provide the information to ClinTrial Refer. For more information go to the App Stores or the ClinTrial Refer website.

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